Some optimistic people think that the summer is very likely to come this year, even in London. New summer means new hairstyle for your hair or hair extensions. For those with relatively long hair the pleasure of new trials has come: change the look for pleasure or for fun. Or just to be different. If your hair does not allow to experiment such exiting things – get your hair extensions done!

Here are the very easy and absolutely non conventional styles, coming straight from the Spring Summer 2015 fashion shows.

First to try – Romantic Braids inspired from the Giorgio Armani shows where the model’s hair was styled with different braids.

“Part a rectangle of your hair from the forehead to the nape, split into three vertically and plait each section close to the head starting at the front and moving down the nape. Pull the rest of the hair back and secure all together in a low bun and pin it to place.”

Follow the rest of tutorial offered by Francesca Zaccagnini at The Blonde Salad Blog.