Is cheap online deal better than a professional service? Sure, you save some money when booking it but you will always pay double price when it comes to see the results.

Avoid cheap Hair Extensions in London.

We live in the age of technology where we all have a tendency to find a decent deal in seconds! There are so many websites offering discounts on holidays, pets, cars and so on! The most well known are Groupon and Wowcher. They have created a mine of huge discounts on all kinds of products and services. Some customers are so inpatient to get the first of the deals on luxurious services and products at half the price! And they and feel rewarded self-satisfied when getting the deal of the week!

Cheap deals can be damaging for your hair.

One day I had to deal with a customer that was “lucky “ enough to snap up a Groupon offer for keratin hair extensions in London. She paid almost   £150 for a full head 22 inch of Hot Fusion. What a great deal would you think!.. Unfortunately, this “deal” was a pure disaster! The Fusion became her worst nightmare!

The unfortunate lady’s hair has been very badly damaged by glue and heat when fitting the extensions. Her scalp was irritated, red and itchy. Her head was absolutely messy and impossible to comb. This client was so irritated that she could not sleep! The sections and keratin spots placement were a pure mess… This so called “technician” that did such a “work” (and damaged the natural hair with heat and chemicals) had sticked the extensions in an absolutely random manner, without cutting or blending… nothing at all! This unfortunate customer had been left with a ugly and messy mass of extensions hanging out from under her natural hair.


Avoid Cheap Hair Extensions. On photo – Keratin

You get what you pay for.

We have always insisted that when it comes to professionally fitted work, you really do get what you pay for. This example is a perfect proof (which is not in the pudding but on the head). When you pay peanuts, you inevitable find monkeys! Monkeys doing hair extensions aren’t that great, is in it? Now do your homework and think if you are that smart to get real professional result for just few pennies. No one repsectable professional will advertise huge discounts and deals on sites like Groupon and Wowcher. We all are working in a very strongly competitive business and the prices are already tight. So, think twice. You do not expect a real quality Russian Hair Extensions being offered online for £150.00 only (full head 22 inches), don’t you?

See the difference with our Micro Rings. Stunning, is in it?



Ask for professional advice before deciding.

Anyway when asked I was very happy to help this lady to sort out her messy keratin head. She had a full head 22 inch of Natural Russian Hair Extensions and she was over the moon when saw the finished result! She regretted to not ask for professional advice before deciding to get an online cheap deal.

What is the conclusion of this little story? If you like good deals online you still have to be reasonable about the expected results.

If you want to pay half-price, you risk to pay it twice!