While everyone was still thinking that tall and skinny top models are making the most of the worldwide imitation model, Google trends for big butt skyrocketed in 2014. Nowadays the Big Butt is the must-to-have.

Ten years ago everyone was Googling fro tips about how to make their butts smaller. This time is definitely gone. In 2014 searches on Google for big butts grew considerately.

The new fastest growing American surgery business is the “butt popping”. Yes, this is in the air (to speak so) and it starts as small as £6400. Be aware, after the surgical intervention you could not sit for more than two weeks! It’s definitely not the Hair Extensions that you can remove in no time if you change the mind…  Compared to easiness of fitting or removal of your Hair Extensions, your “Butt modifications” aren’t that simple if the trend changes.

“For those who don’t want to go under the knife, consider Booty Pop padded underwear, a brand that’s seen sales increase 40% in the past six months. Booty Pop co-founder Lisa Reisler, who started the brand back in 2010, told The Hollywood Reporter: “We are now selling a pad that’s 40 percent larger than when we launched, and there are tons of requests.”

Big butt obsession: how the stars change our perception of beauty. By Adelde CHAPIN at RACKED blog.