When you decide to have some relaxing and very feminine hairstyle, try this “Easy Twisted Bun” hairstyle tutorial step by step for curly hair or Hair Extensions (ask professional advice).

Indeed, sometimes you just want to wear a clean, neat bun that is perfect for everyday updo. You could wear it at work, weekend diner or when you want your hair up and off your neck. Wearing long hair out in the summer time is sometimes impossible, like wearing a wool jacket in August. You want a simple hairstyle like this one, that make your life simple and non-chalenging.


Easy-Twisted-Bun-Hairstyle (image credit: Hair Romance blog)

“I haven’t tried this bun hairstyle in wet hair yet but I’d definitely try it. Here are some more wet hairstyles, and the twists of this bun would dry really  nicely into waves around your face.

Add this hairstyle to your “I only have 5 minutes to get ready” days. And who doesn’t want to save time and still look good?”

Follow easy to do this step by step tutorial by Hair Romance blog.