How To Chose Natural Human Russian Hair Extensions

Your hair is one of the most important beauty elements that can boosts you personal self perception and give you great confidence. However, not everyone is lucky enough to have it long and gorgeous. This can be for several reasons, like genetics, nutritive habits and ambient sunlight, pollution, etc. Some persons have by nature a very thin hair or start losing it a very early age.

Sublime Russian Hair
Sublime russian hair

There are some very popular existing solutions for extensions on the market, suitable for all budgets and tastes.

Human Remy is the first choice when it comes to enhance your natural beauty. London has an incredible choice and you can get your natural human hair extensions done for as little as £30-50 and as expensive as £1500-£1800. The price you pay will be based on:

  • quality of natural human hair.
  • prestige of extensions specialist.
  • location of the salon. You guess the price will be different from Ramsgate to London Notting Hill.

What is the best product?

The Real Human hair is he best choice in terms of longevity and natural look. Several countries in the world are supplying natural hair for extensions for European markets. Russia, Asian countries, China and South America are the most well known supplies. Most often the hair is collected and processed prior export to UK market. The main difference will lay in the

A. Quality of original hair;

B. Processing methods.

Let see those…

What determines quality of original Human Hair for Extensions?

Russian Hair for Extensions is of the highest quality among natural human hair for extensions in the world. Natural Human Russian is originally soft, shinny and silky. It does not need any chemical or mechanical processing to make it more appealing. Russian hair is the best one, long wearing and perfectly natural looking. If your extensions technician is well experienced, your Russian Extensions will look so natural and gorgeous, that it will be impossible for anyone to guess you have them, even from a very close look. At Sublime Hair Extensions we are proud to offer our customers Russian Extensions ONLY. And we bespoke colour match to the customer’s natural hair. The result is absolutely stunning, check out our reviews!

What is the best choice?

Other countries like Brazil, Peru, India and China are the biggest human suppliers for extensions. What is the difference with Natural Russian? The difference is purely genetic. Human hair from those countries is naturally thicker and coarser. There is absolutely nothing wrong with Indian or Chinese natural human, but it could strongly mismatch with the customer’s hair, especially if the customer is of different origins. India, Peru, Brazil, Pakistan and China are producing some very beautiful products, with absolutely lovely volume and amazing structure, but this hair is hardly usable for most of European extensions customers.

Why processing methods for Natural Human are important?

This becomes more interesting. Indeed, why do a natural Human hair needs any processing except washing and combing into single or double draw? This is how Russian Hair always processed: carefully washed by hand and prepared into single or double drawn. So, why do we need to process the Indian, Peruvian, Chinese or Brazilian products?

For two main reasons. First is the collecting methods. Most often the products from those countries are collected not in individual ponytails, like we do in Russia, but cut from donor, packed in bunches and mixed with hair collected from other people. This method makes impossible to have all the cuticles lying in the same direction root-to-root and tip-to-tip (what is called REMY hair).

Indian Hair Processing

Indian Hair Processing

Second reason is the above mentioned genetic difference with European hair. To sell Indian, Chinese and Brazilian hair on the market, manufacturers need to make they hair more soft and silky.

Remember, chemically processed hair will never last for more than just few weeks…

So, the Chinese, Brazilian, Indian and Peruvian is processed through acid baths to remove the cuticle and to soften it. Then the obtained mass is coloured and silicone coated to make it shiny and appealing for customer. After few washes the silicone is gone, extensions get tangled and guess how you then look like…You feel that pity.

Can last for up to 1 year

Yes, this looks impossible, but this great quality hair with appropriate After Care can last for up to 1 year. Off course, the customer needs to take care of the extensions, regularly maintained. To keep your Russian Extensions for a very long time you have to re-do (or re-fit) them every 3-4 months. We change the micro rings for the new ones, add some new hair and trim it.

Check out our advices about Natural Human Russian Extensions After Care.