How To Colour Hair Extensions

Hair Bleaching Salon

Hair Bleaching Salon

The eternal desire to be sometimes and somehow “blonder than now” will irremediably lead to colouring experiences. Men are rebuilding two stroke engines in the garage, women are experiencing DIY Hair Extensions Bleaching in their bathrooms. Or see an experienced professional advice.

Indeed, to change the natural colour of our hair to just about half shade clearer can be done through 2 ways:

1 – Spending weeks on a sunny beach with “Sex on the Beach” in hand (or whatever you manage to get your hands on…);

2 – Using a chemical friend of every woman, a colouring product;

While we all prefer the first solution as the most pleasant, the second is just at easy reach of everyone and fits the most tight budgets.

So, we are all hair colouring. Making us blonder. Very blond. Platinum white. Bleached to dead.

But Can You Colour Your Hair Extensions?

Hair Bleaching

Hair Bleaching

Yes, we are bleaching. Because in every single colouring product that helps you to get blonder, there is a bleaching agent. And it’s never really good for your hair. Of course, your hair is a living part of your body and a moderate damage will be restored with time. Using conditioners, masks, shampoos help us to restore the damages and protect it from external threads.

But what about your extensions colouring? To bleach or not to bleach?

Your extensions are not anymore living part of the body. Extensions are not growing, breathing and regenerating anymore as would do any living human hair. This means any damage done is permanent. Sure, you can style them, trim, colour them but if any damage is done by heat or chemicals, this damage could not be repaired. Even the finest quality Russian Hair Extensions would not withstand heavy chemical attack.

Here we come to the question: should you colour your hair BEFORE having hair extensions or AFTER, once the hair extensions are fitted?

Before or After

To colour: Before or After?

The answer is you have to colour your hair BEFORE. The reason is simple and for two main reasons:

– Firstly, colouring hair extensions is never good. Even the best possibly quality our Russian Hair will suffer chemical damage when coloured. The Extensions will be altered, and if the colouring is done to radically change the colour, the chemical damage will be even stronger. The damage is bigger when lighting the colour, than darkening it. Say, if you colour brown Extensions to dark brown colour, the damage would be very superficial if any. But if you lighten your Extensions from medium brown to blonde, the chemical damage will be very sensible. If you go for a blonde platinum, the damage will be very big. The extensions will get dryer, fragile and the ends will start splitting in no time. No any conditioner, cream or mask will save the situation. Your Extensions are ruined and there is little you could do.

– Secondly, if you get fitted the Extensions that are not really made of “100% Natural” hair, you risk to have different colouring of your hair and your extensions. Indeed, most of low priced extensions are silicone treated and the colouring of this hair will sometimes give very surprising results.

The Best Way To Colour Hair Extensions

So, the best possible option is to get your hair coloured first. Make it darker, lighter or what else you could wish. Then get your extensions done by Sublime Hair Extensions London. Your extensions will be perfectly colour matched to your natural hair and the result will be absolutely stunning. If you lighten your hair, blonde it or completely bleach it, even heavily damaged will recover sooner or later. And your extensions will not be affected by chemicals.

So, to your question “To Bleach Or Not to Bleach” the answer will be “Do Whatever You Want, Darling”! But do it BEFORE getting your hair extensions done.

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