“Trying to grow your hair out and not having much success? While there aren’t any miracle products that’ll give you Rapunzel locks in no time — aside from extensions, of course — there are actually lots of things you can do to optimise your hair growth.” Have you ever tried a fast hair growing but without much success?

Source: www.popsugar.com

It is really possible to hair growing fast?

Long hair is a beautiful dream but most of the people will never have it grown for more than 20-24 inches. The length of the hair we could possibly grow is directly engraved into our genes. All you want is not only to have few more amazing inches of hair but you want them to be there…fast. How it is possible? Is there any “natural” time and length limit to the maximum you can have?

Yes, this is the reality – you maximum hair length is a natural part of your genetical package along your eyes colour, shoes size and sense of humour (or…may be not).

Whoever, it is perfectly possible to hair growing beyond the average limits sets my Mother Nature. This is all about a healthy lifestyle, good hair care and sound nutritional habits.

A healthy lifestyle is the first step to give to your natural hair the best chances to grow. Good nutrition and regular exercise are the minimum requirement for a long and gorgeous hair. Calcium, vitamins, minerals and chemicals free food will provide the necessary elements your hat need to grow.

The hair care is the second most important part of “long hair growing challenge”. The use of natural products and good quality shampoo, conditioners and not too much heat when dry-blowing will insure your hair offers you the best of it.

Indeed, our hair is all about what et we are.