The incredible new Pixel Hairstyle hits the shelves, get ready.

“Pixels are normally only seen of computer screens which spread to military uniforms – now pixels have moved on to hair styles! A hair salon in Madrid, Spain is now offering a cool new hairdo called, pixelated colors. With neon colors to you choose from you can now have colorful pixels patterns arranged in an wavy fashion dyed on your hair.”


Are we moving to a all new era of digital hair? Get your Pixel Hairstyle today.

To Pixel or not to Pixel, this is the question. And the more you pixels you have, the better is.

Indeed, we will never get bored with our hair. Even if you have a short hair you still have the endless possibilities to be differently gorgeous every single morning. Hairstyle, colors and shapes offer you almost limitless variations you still can play with.

Now, let’s say you have few more inches. Your natural hair or hair-extensions, your opportunities to be different from morning to evening are much bigger. You can add to your arsenal the tresses, ponytails and braids (mermaid or fisherman, whatever you prefer).

You have a clip-in? Oh, my Goodness, you reached the imaginable pletoria of the secret beauty weapons that will leave any living man kneeing and whispering “tu est belle”!

But there is no end to the subliminal creativity. Here we have the digitized hair. Your hair will be color pixelized, following fashionable halo looking patterns. Pixel Hairstyle, here you are.

Are we expecting the 3D printers in the hair salons any time soon?