This is exactly how we love them: killing humor and screaming hair extensions.

“After a two-year hiatus, during which Teresa Giudice paid her debt to society,
the Real Housewives of New Jersey is coming back to your television screens because this is all a vicious, never-ending cycle.” Screaming Hair Extensions – is this the ultimate success recipe?


There is nothing of the White Snow or Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty or La Belle et La Bete (pardon). There is a sharp humor, shopping discussions and endless adventures of the very Real Housewives, living in the houses with an average price tag at $1.6M.

We do not expect them to talk molecular physics or enlighten us with Shakespearean quotes. None of this. But this is what we love. Simply vicious and every-serie-breath-catching development. We will learn new amazing things about the liposuction, discover the latest techniques of silicone implants and of course the gorgeous screaming hair extensions.

So, get ready, pour your glass of bubbly. And don’t forget your notepad to write down the the best of the conversations. Between the Celebrities, Apprentices Celebrities, their husbands, lovers and divorce layers, you have to keep tuned to not lost a single detail.