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2016 Casual Hairstyles

By |June 17th, 2016|Beauty, DIY Hairstyle, Fashion, Hairstyle|

"Well, if you want to keep your look mysterious and eye-catching then play with your locks, till you will get the best effect. Remember! People, who fear, will always lose their chance of having a trendy and stylish look." Source: Hairstyles Galaxy Summer will definitely arrive at some point (we do really wait for!) and [...]

Easy Twisted Bun Hairstyle – Step By Step Tutorial

By |March 23rd, 2015|Beauty, DIY Hairstyle, Hair Extensions, Hairstyle|

When you decide to have some relaxing and very feminine hairstyle, try this "Easy Twisted Bun" hairstyle tutorial step by step for curly hair or Hair Extensions (ask professional advice). Indeed, sometimes you just want to wear a clean, neat bun that is perfect for everyday updo. You could wear it at work, weekend diner or when you want your hair up [...]

3 Non Conventional Styles for Long Hair Or Hair Extensions – To Try This Summer

By |March 20th, 2015|DIY Hairstyle, Fashion, Fashion Trends|

Some optimistic people think that the summer is very likely to come this year, even in London. New summer means new hairstyle for your hair or hair extensions. For those with relatively long hair the pleasure of new trials has come: change the look for pleasure or for fun. Or just to be different. If [...]

To Bleach Or Not To Bleach Hair Extensions, That Is The Question

By |January 15th, 2015|Hair Care, Hair Extensions, Russian Hair Extensions|

How To Colour Hair Extensions Hair Bleaching Salon The eternal desire to be sometimes and somehow "blonder than now" will irremediably lead to colouring experiences. Men are rebuilding two stroke engines in the garage, women are experiencing DIY Hair Extensions Bleaching in their bathrooms. Or see an experienced professional advice. Indeed, to change the [...]

How To Do A Fishtail Braid: 9 Easy Steps Tutorial

By |November 20th, 2014|DIY Hairstyle, Hairstyle|

How To Do A Fishtail Braid: 9 Easy Steps Tutorial Did you ever wonder how to do this easy and so feminine Fishtail Braid?  Here is our easy step by step tutorial for long hair or Hair Extensions. How To Do A Fishtail Braid: 9 Easy Steps Tutorial Step 1. Comb your hair carefully, [...]

How to Do Marie Antoinette Hairstyle XVIII Century DIY Tutorial

By |November 13th, 2014|Historical Hairstyles|

The XVIII century fashion became very sophisticated and voluminous 3D hairstyles were common at Royal Court. The fashion was led by the favourite  mistress of Louis XV, Marie Jeannette Beku, Countess du Barry, who was originally of modest origins but elevated by King to highest ranks. Madame du Barry have had great influence on the [...]