There is always the same but primordial question: what method for natural extensions is the best or better than Micro Rings? Are the Micro Rings the only way (except the Essex) or something else could worth your precious money and time?

There is not a simple answer but several possibilities. Are we looking for Extensions on Micro Rings for short lengths, just to get some extra strands? Or we are looking for long lengths? We wish a gorgeous volume? Temporarily, just for a birthday party or for a long therm run? Obviously, Clip In Extensions present the easiest and the quickest way to change your hairstyle in seconds, but Micro Rings are the best long term solution. Lets see why.

Hair Extensions on Micro Rings Are Discrete

First of all, and before asking : “are Micro Rings discrete?” you have to take a look at our Hair Extensions pictures (Hair Extensions Before and After).

Indeed, you will notice that the result is absolutely stunning and there is absolutely no way to guess the person has extensions. Micro Rings are coming in different shapes and sizes, and a good master will always chose the best that suit you. When professionally done, Micro Rings are perfectly flat and almost invisible to the curious eyes.

Hair Extensions Prices are important to consider. Are Micro Rings much more expensive than other techniques? Non. They are not more or less expensive than other ways to enhance your natural beauty. Keratin techniques, weaves and other techniques are within the same price range as micro rings and the main difference will be probably the time consumed by your specialist. The materials and preparations are not really price influencing.

Any Hair Extension Salon in London will claim that the only technique they are using is the best one. Really? What about the reversibility of extensions, heat free and with no damage at all? Here the micro rings stand out of the crowd.

Why? Because they are perfectly:


1. Reversible; Yes, they can be removed at wish, at any time and in…no time. Easy, simple nd absolutely safe. Could anyone say the same about keratin or weaves? Keratin heat and chemical free?! Inexistent. Weaving is not damaging the natural hair?! Yes, weaving does damage it during the wear and maintenance/removal.

Allergy Free

2. Allergy free. All modern micro rings are made of allergy free materials and are perfectly safe for anyone.

Safe and Secure

3. Safe and secure. Micro rings offer the most secure way to enhance your natural beauty. Keratin can melt with sunshine or when using some shampoo or conditioners. Forget hot styling, you could definitely lose all your extensions and your hair will be full of melted keratin.  Some like it hot.

Micro Rings Before and After 

Micro Rings Before and After

Natural Hair is KING

However, any Remy Hair Extensions UK specialist (whatever his/her preferred technique) will tell you that the bigger part of the price is not the way the extensions are fixed, but the hair himself. Yes, this makes all the difference. We can endlessly argue over the best way to fix the extensions, but if the hair himself is, sorry, of a very low quality, even the best technique will be helpless.

Lets consider for a second. Say we chose to wear:

1. Very cheap, extensions. Advertised as REMY on Alibaba and coming in lovely plastic wrap (mon Dieu, quelle horreur!).This lovely…product is certainly chemically processed to remove the cuticle and then silicone treated to make it sexy. Not really sexy, but let say it’s “appealing”. That is it, “appealing” to the eye (by shyness) and appealing to the wallet (by price). After few washes you suddenly see that the extensions are not so shiny anymore. They are not shiny at all, by the way. And they start tangling. Guess why? Because this originally crap…sorry, cheap hair extensions were not REMY at all. You see, all the thing is to have the hair extensions lying in the same direction, root-to-root, tip-to-tip. Cheap extensions are collected in mass and to cope with natural tangling (which ALWAYS occurs when the cuticles are lying in the opposite directions), the hair is processed in acid baths. This remove the cuticle and tangling as consequence. No cuticle, no tangling. For a moment. For a moment, because the natural direction of each strand cannot be changed, and the hair will still have tendency to tangle. Sorry, there is the only way to change that. Silicone. The extensions are simply siliconed. This gives them brightness and shiny appearance. Ready to go on Micro Rings or whatever you prefer.

After few extensions washes the silicone is gone. And all you have is a chemically damaged hair with cuticle lying in opposite directions.

So, my dear, does it make sense to buy the cheapest stuff on the market and expect to wear it for ages? You got me.

2. Or we take very expensive Russian Hair Extensions done by a posh salon. Will you have great Russian extensions quality? There are chances that you will. Does this enhancement worth the money paid for? To pay or not to pay, this is the question.

You will probably end up with a full head of 20 inch Russian Extensions for some £800-£1200. Yes, those Russian extensions can be of a very good quality. Yes, Russian Extensions can last very long. But is the price paid justify the difference?

Chose the right way

3. There is a third solution. Get in Touch with us. As simple as this. We use the top of the top quality Natural Russian Hair Extensions on Micro Rings that we ethically source right form Russia. We use the Micro Rings Extensions technique, which is (as you already know…) the safest, the most secure and discrete technique on the market today.

This how our 100% Natural Russian Remy looks like. Simply gorgeous!

Natural Russian Hair

Natural Russian Hair

And you will have probably the best price for Micro Ring Hair Extensions in London! Book your FREE consultation now.