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The Hair Extensions London based salons use very different systems and fitting methods. The type of hair employed will affect the extension’s quality. So, what is the Hair Extensions method that suit me the best? The answer to the question fully depends on many factors. It depends on your hair, your scalp, your life-style and budget. Do your research before making your choice. Every technique will probably harm your own hair if it’s not well done. The fitting or removal must be completed by a trained stylist. The risk of having any damage then will be reduced to zero. Micro rings are very popular but great number of other stylists have developed their techniques and methods. The choice can often be very confusing. What could be very well for person could not be that suit you at best. Thais is why it’s vital to research the diverse methods. You should compare few stylists before deciding.

How long can my hair extensions last?

Some systems last longer than others. We think that this will be from 2 to 6 months. A good quality Russian Hair that we offer at our Hair Extensions London salon can last for more than one year. An appropriate After Care will allow you to enjoy your new beauty for very longtime. The fixings to the hair can break or in most cases the extensions can get looser. This is because the hair grows about 1cm per month. All depends on how quickly your hair grows and the way you take care of your extensions. They need to be removed or re tightened if they get too loose. Some extensions can be reused many times. This will help you to save some money. This depends on the quality of hair and the way you take care of it. Many various methods are available on the market. They can be  divided into three major groups.

Glue/Bond based Hair Extensions

Those methods use glue or bond to fit the extensions. Some glues would be harmful for your hair or skin, others being very safe. With some glues special solvents need for removal and maintenance. You should always ask your stylist what kind of glue is used if you decide to go with this method. Some techniques request that the glue is applied to the extensions once it’s fitted to the person’s hair. Other methods will fit the pre-tipped extensions. Some techniques use Keratin bonds. The “fusion” must be done using special tools. There are hot and cold fusion being largely used toady. Tape Hair Extensions is another technique. Tape extensions are done with wefts with are coming with a tape pre-attached to it. It’s recommended to not brush or wash the hair for forty eight hours till the bonds are secure and the glue is off.

Non Glue/Bond based Hair Extensions

Different types of beads, Micro Rings or Micro Tubes and clips are used by Sublime Hair Extensions London. Some methods employ a pre-attached “links” often known as I-Tips. With other methods the hair is passed through the Micro Ring that is tightened to secure the hair. There are many differing types of beads. They are made from a strong material, mostly copper. They always have an anti-allergy coating. Beads are coming in many various sizes and colours.

Weaving techniques

Weaving consists in fitting tiny extensions strands that are attached to tiny sections of customer’s hair. It could be done with use of Glue. With this system tiny strands of extensions are glued to tiny strands of person’s hair. Non Glue based systems will mechanically fix tiny strands of hair strands of your own hair. Avoid this method if you have a tiny hair, if it is fragile and breaks easily.

Weft hair extensions

A weft is a track of many inches long. The hair is fixed on that track. A curtain of hair sewn at the top and free flowing at the bottom. Wefts can be hand or machine made. Handmade wefts are of higher quality. They are bespoke made to fit customer’s head and match the hair color. The extensions are then fitted one row (track) at the time. The wefts can be Glue finished or sewn in.

Tape-in hair extensions

In this method tiny wefts with adhesive tape are glued on your own hair. Then they are covered by another adhesive tape. The fitting does not requires the use of any tools. Normally your own hair is “sandwiched” between 2 strips of tape extensions. One strip is the weft and another to cover the backside. For fine hair one sided tape application could be used.

Clip-in hair extensions

Clip-ins or clip-ons are very common in London. They are simple to apply and remove. You’ll be able to clip the extension in your hair when you wish to. You should remove it before going to bed. It’s a fast way add some great length and volume or to create a new style. Clip-In Hair Extensions London be custom made and be worn on daily basis or for special occasions.


Natalia is amazing!! She matched the tones and texture of my naturally strawberry blonde hair perfectly and did such a great job achieving the look I wanted. I get so many compliments all my hair all the time. Can't recommend her enough!

Connie Doyle


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